Natural Resources critic Yvonne Jones is calling the provincial government out on a multi-million dollar 'mistake' following the release of the auditor general's report.

The report shows that three companies were given more than $15 million to develop a wood-pellet plant in Roddickton.

However, the companies did not complete their applications, marketing plans or provide any followup.

Jones said the report is an eye-opener when it comes to the wood pellet plant.

She said the project is now at a stand-still that has turned into a burden for tax payers.

"You can't just write a blank cheque to a company for $9 million with no level of accountability and no proper paperwork in place, and no means of which this company has to repay this money."

The plant won't be able to start operations until the town has an industrial dock that is capable of moving the product, which is not expected to be built for another three years.

The owners of the plant have not repaid the money.