Road show seeks artifacts for Battle of the Somme exhibit

Workers at The Rooms are discovering plenty of First World War artifacts from across the province.
Today, the fields where the Battle of the Somme was fought are used for farming. (Paul Hunter/CBC)

Workers at The Rooms are discovering plenty of First World War artifacts from across the province.

Staff are travelling across the province on a road show in preparation for a 2016 exhibit to mark the centennial of the Battle of the Somme. 

The road show will visit 14 communities across the province on this tour. The Rooms is asking people to bring out their stories, artifacts, and memorabilia when the road show arrives in their community.

The purpose of this trip is only to record information and photograph items. No artifacts will be kept at this time, but the Rooms may contact people and ask to borrow items in 2016.

Curator of history at The Rooms, Maureen Power, says people have brought forward everything from letters and postcards to pins.

One of the most interesting things she has seen at the road show is "trench art."

"There's a lot of time waiting for a battle to happen or just marching or just waiting in a trench," she explained. "So they would pick up shells and create artifacts out of them."

One piece of trench art that was turned up at the road show is a lighter created out of shell casing.

The remaining stops on the road show are in Northwest River, St. Anthony and St. John's.