There's a shortage of road salt in the St. John's area for the second time in a month, because according to retailers, the demand for the product is outstripping the supply. 

Anne Marie Carew, the manager of Coleman's grocery store in St. John's, said there is not a grain of road salt to be had at her supermarket.  

Road salt

This load of road salt has just arrived at Home Depot in St. John's. (CBC)

"We have three supplies every week," said Carew. "Right now, we should have more in tomorrow, but as quickly as it comes in, it goes out." 

Colder than normal temperatures, and higher than normal snowfalls have meant people in the St. John's area have been pouring more of the ice melting and traction agent onto their driveways and walkways than usual.  

Tony Mullett a manager at Home Depot in St. John's, said customers have been telling him they have been looking everywhere for road salt. 

Home Depot customer Randy Churchill said he was in serious need of the product. 

"I came out this morning and I almost took a spill, for starters, and I said, 'I got to try to get something today, right?'" 

Mullett said supplies of salt have been constantly coming in to his store. 

"Were stocked up now, well stocked up," said Mullett. "We have more coming on Monday, so we have enough to meet the demands of our customers that come in."