Police say they are not taking any more chances with a man who has a lengthy criminal record involving fraud.

The RNC said James Dwyer, 53, is notorious for offering to do work for people and then ripping them off.

They put out a warning about Dwyer this week after they arrested him.

His latest victims appear to be a woman in St. John's who police say Dwyer ripped off earlier this month. Police say there was another man from St. John's who was scammed by Dwyer back in January, another man last year, as well as a man from Portugal Cove-St. Phillip's.

The scams "varied from driveways to fireplaces to ceilings to roof work," said Const. Steve Curnew.

Police said sometimes Dwyer gets money and only completes part of a job. Other times he allegedly gets money that he uses to buy materials and then keeps the materials for himself.

Police also said sometimes Dwyer gets money and simply does not do the work he says he will do.

Dwyer has a 39-page criminal record, with 63 convictions of fraud.

Police said for them, it is a cautionary tale.

"First and foremost we don't want people to be dishing out money to people for jobs to be done prior to any work being done," Curnew said.

Dwyer's first run-in with the law was in 1981 for refusing the breathalyzer.

In 2010 Dwyer was sentenced to six months in jail for ripping off two elderly brothers in Aquaforte for a roofing job Dwyer did not complete.

In addition to the most recent acts of fraud, police have charged Dwyer with driving while disqualified, failing to show up for court as well as breaches of court orders.

Dwyer is due back in court in July.