CBC News has learned the name of the man who died in a fire on McKay Street in St. John's last Saturday.

He is 56-year-old Peter Bennett.

Several members of his family told CBC that Bennett is originally from the Placentia area, but has relatives in St. John's.

He moved to the capital city almost two decades ago.

Relatives said Bennett was unemployed and had always lived in boarding houses. He also used to frequent soup kitchens in the area.

Bennett's family members still have a lot of questions about what happened to him.

They say they have been in contact with police, but have yet to be given any information surrounding the death.

The latest statement from the RNC said it's still being investigated by their criminal investigation division.

A 36-year-old-woman was also in the house when the fire broke out last Saturday afternoon.

Neighbours say she was later seen wandering in the middle of McKay Street, bare-foot and confused. 

The building was a boarding house owned by Mariner Property Management.

The company has seven other properties in central and downtown St. John's.