The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer who shot and wounded Justin Chipman during a sting operation outside Memorial University in St. John's in February told the court on Friday he would have fired a second shot.

Chipman is accused of assaulting police officers with a car outside the university's Field House on February 18. He was wounded when RNC Const. Dustin Spurrell fired at him.

Spurrell had only one bullet after dropping his ammunition clip while holding his gun. 

Const. Dustin Spurrell

Const. Dustin Spurrell says he would have fired a second shot if there was more than one bullet in his clip. Spurrell shot and wounded Justin Chipman during an operation outside the Memorial University Field House in February. (CBC)

While the shot only grazed Chipman's chest and arm and did no further harm, Spurrell admitted under cross examination Friday he would have fired a second shot had he been able to. 

Chipman's lawyer said either of the bullets could have killed two other people close by, including another officer, but Spurrell insisted again he acted for his safety and the safety of several other officers.

Testimony unfolding in provincial court has provided conflicting evidence about what happened that night.

Other police officers have said Spurrell was standing right next to to the driver's window of the SUV, shooting at Chipman point blank while the vehicle was hardly moving.

However, Spurrell insists he stood further in front of the SUV and only shot after it freed itself from a snow bank and started moving toward him.

Spurrell said he only fired his gun after witnessing Chipman's SUV hit a fellow officer with its mirror, a point disputed by the officer in question.

He called the scenario a "very stressful moment," and added witnessing an SUV moving toward you is not a good feeling.