Police are looking for the drivers of two ATVs after an officer was struck by one of them in Torbay.

The incident occurred late Wednesday afternoon in the area of Birchy Nap Hill Road.

The RNC says the male officer tried to stop the ATVs around 4 p.m. because they were being driven in a dangerous manner. They refused to stop, but were spotted again by the same officer a short time later.

Police say the ATV drivers were standing next to their machines when approached by the officer on foot.

"The officer identified themself, at which time they quickly re-mounted their ATVs and drove toward the officer," the RNC stated in a news release. "Subsequently, the officer was struck by one of the ATVs and sustained injuries, as well as damage to their equipment."

Police say the ATVs may have also been damaged when they collided while fleeing the scene.

Both machines are described as being bright yellow, newer model quads.

The drivers are believed to be in their early 20s, with one having a slender build and wearing a beige jacket and the other with a medium build and wearing all black.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the RNC or Crime Stoppers.