RNC getting new tips on Henrietta Millek cold case

Police in St. John's say a CBC News investigation is helping shed new light on an old case.

Police 'encouraged' by calls received in relation to 1982 disappearance

Police in St. John's say a CBC investigation is shedding new light on an old case, reports Jane Adey. 2:35

Police in St. John's say a CBC News investigation is helping shed new light on an old case. 

Three decades ago, Henrietta Millek went missing. Earlier this week, CBC News revisited the story of her disappearance. 

RNC Const. Dan Doiron says police have received more than a dozen calls with possible tips about the Henrietta Millek cold case. (CBC)

Since then, police say, tips have been coming in.

Immediately following the broadcast of Here & Now on Tuesday, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary phones started to ring. 

RNC Const. Dan Doiron says more than a dozen people have phoned in with details about Henrietta Millek. One call came in from outside the province.

"We can say that, thus far, we're really encouraged by what we're hearing," Doiron said.

Police contact for tips

People with information can call RNC Const. Dan Doiron at 729-8682, or e-mail MCU@rnc.gov.nl.ca

They can also contact Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS, or go to www.nlcrimestoppers.com to submit a tip online.

He says police hope that anyone who has information will contact them.

"Some information I can say that we've had before, and it's a reiteration of some of the things we've had," Doiron said.

"But you can expect that when people call, and we get numerous calls like this, that some of the information is new to us, and we follow up on all that information as best we can."

Henrietta Millek went missing from a downtown bar in 1982. Details about what happened to her have been difficult to verify.

Police believe fear has played a role in keeping some people silent.

RNC Supt. John House has been trying to solve the mystery for more than 20 years.

RNC Supt. John House believes someone has information on the disappearance of Henrietta Millek. (CBC)

This week, he made a public plea for information.

"I believe that there are people in the community who have knowledge and for various reasons are afraid and unwilling to share [it] with us," House told CBC News.

The plea appears to have worked.

And police hope the story continues to generate tips.

They're not talking about the substance of the calls.

They do say no matter now insignificant the detail may seem, someone in the public may have information that will help.