RNC followed Folker for weeks before arrest

The jury at the David Folker murder trial watched a police interrogation video of Folker insisting he did not know the whereabouts of his former girlfriend, Ann Marie Shirran.
Jury hears how Folker had been under RNC surveillance, reports Glenn Payette 2:31

David Folker was adamant during a police interrogation on Aug. 11, 2010, that he did not know where his former girlfriend, Ann Marie Shirran, was.
Jurors at the second-degree murder trial in St. John's continued to watch videotaped police interviews with Folker on Thursday.

David Folker's police interrogation is shown in an Aug. 11, 2010 videotaped interview. (CBC)

The 42-year-old Nova Scotia man is accused of murdering Shirran, the mother of his young son, on July 18, 2010.

"I believe you know where Ann Marie is," RNC Sgt. Pat Roche tells Folker during the 2010 interrogation.

'Ann Marie, where are you?- David Folker

"No, I do not," he responds.

Folker's lawyers admitted last week that he and Shirran had a fight on July 18, 2010, which resulted in her death. They also admitted Folker dumped her body in a wooded area near Cappahayden on the Southern Shore, and that he tried to hide her belongings in woods off Blackhead Road in Shea Heights.

However, Folker is maintaining his not-guilty pleas. 

"Ann Marie, where are you?" Folker mumbles to himself in the video.

Roche continues to pick through Folker's previous statements to police throughout the two-and-a-half hour interview.

Police discovered that on the night Shirran was said to have stormed out of her Kilbride home, the couple's computer was used. 

In the first interview with police, Folker said that after Shirran left, he paced around the house and took the couple's baby out for a drive.

But the computer history showed that hours after Shirran went missing, the computer was used to access the site Kijiji and pornography websites.

"My memory is so terrible," Folker told Roche, who also pointed out that Folker called all of Shirran's friends and family to ask where she was, but never bothered to call Shirran herself.

Strange behaviour 

By the time the second interview was conducted, the RNC had been watching Folker for weeks, monitoring his movements and documenting patterns. 

During the 45 days they followed Folker, they said he exhibited strange behaviour, including taking four vehicles for test drives.

Folker was seen driving to a wooded path off Blackhead Road, then walking into the woods for long periods of time. 

"Going to an area repeatedly, the same area, and spending — you told me five minutes — I know that not to be accurate. You spent 40-odd minutes in the woods," Roche said.

"The area will be searched extensively by cadaver dogs. I will bring the Rovers in to do a line search, and if I have to cut every tree down in that area ... I will do so."

Police would later find Shirran's purse, glasses and cellphone, along with two large moving blankets, a pair of sneakers and Folker's birth certificate in the woods off Blackhead Road. 

Shirran's remains were discovered on Sept. 2, 2010 near a gravel pit on the Southern Shore.

Four days later, Folker was arrested and charged with second-degree murder outside the Dominion supermarket on Blackmarsh Road in St. John's.