A former Royal Newfoundland Constabulary employee faces criminal charges for allegedly telling the targets of a drug investigation that they were under suspicion.

Civilian employee Angela Marie McCarthy, 31, has been fired from her job at the Constabulary in Corner Brook.

McCarthy, who has been charged with two counts of obstruction of justice, is accused of tipping off the targets of an investigation between Aug. 9 and Aug. 20, according to court documents.

"I deem it as very serious," said Supt. Brian Dowden, adding that the matter was initially dealt with internally. 

"The investigation revealed that there was a criminal offence that occurred, so we took the appropriate action of laying the appropriate criminal charge." 

The Western Star newspaper reported Wednesday that the new charge is connected to a raid in March that saw the RCMP and RNC seize marijuana and more than 50 pounds of cash in Benoit's Cove. Dowden would not confirm the connection. 

Dowden could not speak to details of what McCarthy is alleged to have done, although he said she learned about the drug investigation during the course of doing her administrative work at the RNC office. 

"The actual details of the impact that it had would be evidence that would be presented in a future court proceeding, so it wouldn't be appropriate for me to get into the actual details of the actual impact or how it affected our operations," he said. 

McCarthy, a resident of Benoit's Cove, did not appear in provincial court in Corner Brook on Tuesday, but was instead represented by a lawyer. McCarthy's case was set over until June 24.