The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary had their hands full trying to arrest a woman in St. John's Thursday morning, in just one of a number of incidents involving alcohol.

Police tried to pull her over on Torbay Road around 2 a.m., but she kept driving for several minutes, despite the flashing lights and sirens.

When the 25-year-old finally stopped, she kicked an officer and wouldn't give a breath sample.

The RNC described the woman as "heavily intoxicated."

She faces several charges, including refusing the breathalyzer, flight from police and assaulting an officer.

She was held in custody pending a court date.

Paradise man

Meanwhile, police say a Paradise man blew four times the legal limit Wednesday night.

Police caught up with the man, 44, after he pulled into a driveway shortly before 7 p.m.

They were acting on a tip that a pickup was all over the road.

The man was charged with being impaired, and driving while suspended.

He was also jailed pending a court date today.

RNC headquarters

A man, 31, checked in at RNC headquarters yesterday as a condition of his probation.

Unfortunately, he was drunk when he checked in.

Another condition of his probation was to stay away from alcohol.

He was taken back to jail for a court appearance Thursday.