The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has issued a public advisory about Barry Edward Sinclair, saying the force has "reasonable grounds to believe that Sinclair will commit a serious personal injury offence against a woman."

Sinclair was acquitted in the so-called Halifax "sleepwatcher" voyeurism case five years ago, but has a lengthy criminal record that includes five federal prison terms. 

He was released from custody in February, and is now living in St. John's.

"A serious personal injury offence is an offence that involves the use or attempted use of violence against another person," the RNC said in a press release issued late Friday afternoon.

The police force put out the advisory in the wake of a CBC Investigates story from earlier this week.

The RNC has gone to provincial court under a section of the Criminal Code related to crimes that haven't happened yet, but which they believe will. They want to put Sinclair under a type of peace bond.

"This type of recognizance is preventative in nature and is meant to restrict the movements and behaviour of an individual," the RNC said in its press release.

Sinclair is subject to an interim court order with "numerous conditions that are meant to ensure public safety," police said.

He will remain under those conditions until a judge has made a decision on the RNC's application.

The RNC says it is "reminding the public to exercise everyday precautions related to residential security, such as ensuring that windows and doors are locked and that residences have adequate exterior lighting."

The police are also asking people to report all suspicious activity to them or Crime Stoppers.