Police in St. John's area are advising parents to be cautious after receiving complaints of suspicious activity of a man trying to lure children using candy or offering rides.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary issued a statement Tuesday, saying complaints have been coming in of an older male, or males, trying to lure kids into a vehicle by offering rides or candy.

The RNC said they have received three complaints, from the Goulds, Mount Pearl, and Village Mall area.

Cst. Steve Curnew said police didn't want to alarm the public unnecessarily, but wanted to ensure people were aware of what was going on.

"We are not trying to alarm the public that we have these cases of abduction cases or anything going on," said Curnew. "But it's more of an advisory just to be aware of the parents to be aware of the neighbourhood, for kids to be aware that this type of activity is going on, and to be very cautious,"

One of the complaints came in when an officer noticed something on Twitter and decided to investigate.

According to police, groups of kids have been approached, not individual children.

Police didn't provide any details of the possible suspects.

The RNC advises parents to report suspicious activity to police, and try to get details of the suspicious person and vehicle.