'Sky is unlimited': Rigolet drone company takes off with bird's eye view of Labrador

A Rigolet drone company is giving people a new perspective on Labrador.
Eldred Allen's new company Bird's Eye Inc. is taking to the air for footage above Rigolet. (Eldred Allen)

A Rigolet drone company has taken off in Labrador and the owner says the "sky is unlimited".

Bird's Eye Inc. recently entered the growing world of unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs] — better known to many as drones. 

Co-owner Eldred Allen recently caught the eyes of many with a cool view of the fog rolling into Rigolet. 

"I've been capturing things you'd see everyday," Allen told CBC's Labrador Morning. 'It offers a whole, new perspective from the aerial vantage point."

Allen travelled to Calgary for four intense days of training to make sure he followed all the rules when flying his drone.

In contrast to his work capturing breathtaking images of the coast of Labrador, he was also hired by the Rigolet Inuit community government to take a look at their dump. 

"They couldn't get a good perspective of what area they have left and where can they expand to in their current boundaries. So they wanted an aerial vantage point." 

Allen said his business is still in the early stages of getting set up and marketing what the company does in an industry that is growing

"We hope to expand to working with mine sites, forestry, environmental monitoring, doing inspections of buildings or towers. The sky is unlimited for what the UAV technology could be used for," he said.