Rezori | What Mother Goose can teach Kathy Dunderdale

Premier Kathy Dunderdale's latest snags in the polls bring to mind the image of a besieged matriarch coping with her churlish children, writes Azzo Rezori.

"I have unequivocal caucus support. We're very tight as a party. We spend a lot of time together, talking together, and I'm very comfortable where I am." - Premier Kathy Dunderdale on June 10, after her latest drop in the polls

Maybe her caucus is behind Premier Kathy Dunderdale, maybe even her party, and who are we to doubt that she's solidly behind herself. But even the pollsters are running into more and more people who say (some even complain) that they're disappointed in the premier.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale speaks with reporters earlier this week about poll results that put the Tories behind the Liberals and NDP. (CBC)

It would be stretching things to say that Dunderdale broke any sort of trust, but she obviously trampled quite a few people's expectations.

Wasn't she supposed to calm things down after the tantrum-filled reign of her predecessor? Didn't we expect that the magic and sovereignty of the matriarch's touch would give us peace, and harmony, and smooth public affairs for once?

All we seem to have been getting lately is Dunderdale standing in front of another microphone chiding her critics like disobedient kids who refuse to accept that it has to be her way. How, she would have us ask ourselves, could we doubt her good intentions, her unwavering commitment to what's in our best interest? Doesn't a mother know best?

Misbehaving children

Well, give her a break. It's not her fault. Here she is, our Mother Goose, with all the bonnet-and-apron sense in the world.

But her children! How they misbehave and give the whole family such a bad name! All their tomfoolery and romping around that put even cows jumping over the moon to shame!

Bo Peep loses the sheep and can't find them. Do we know how many sleepless nights Dunderdale has spent counting her losses?

Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall again. If the king's men can't put him together again, how's Dunderdale supposed to do it?

How does she tell Little Miss Muffet not to be so scared every time a spider comes crawling from under the benches of the Opposition?

How does she comfort the Little Piggies that had none, and what does she do about the one that went wee! wee! all the way home?

Bow-wow-wow is definitely her favorite crackie, but sometimes he goes on a bit too much.

Too often Nimble Jack is just a bit too nimble for his own good and gets them all into a lot of unnecessary trouble.

And then there's Peter Piper who stumbles over his words too often, not to mention Wee Willie Winkie who won't settle down when he's supposed to. And all the Blind Mice, what's she going to do about them?

All in the family

But it's family, isn't it? And we all know that you don't get to pick your family. You love them and put up with them. And that's what Mother Goose is all about. And it hurts her deeply when misinformed and mean-spirited people pick on her children and their innocent games and then point fingers at her.

They really ought to be more understanding. Let's face it, they asked Dunderdale to be our Mother Goose. They went through all the trouble of taking precious time off work to vote for her and her brood. They stood in line. They marked Xs on pieces of paper. They gloated and sobbed as they sat through hours of mind-numbing election coverage.

And now they would blame Kathy Dunderdale because two years later it all seems — well, a little same-old, same-old?

If Jack Sprat could put up with his wife, and Mother Goose can put up with the two of them and all the others, surely they can put up with Kathy Dunderdale.