Plans for a housing development aimed at young working families in the east end of St. Johns' have taken a significant step forward.

City council has approved an application to rezone the old Virginia Park Plaza area on Newfoundland Drive.

Regal Realty Ltd. plans to erect two condominium apartment buildings on the site. Under the plan, an existing building would be converted to a five-storey complex.

A second complex of the same size would be built nearby.

"It is anticipated that the proposed residential development will be attractive to the expected influx of new residents to the area who will work in [nearby] places," said a briefing note prepared for council.

Those sites included the revamped Canadian Forces Station St. John's, the soon-to-be-completed long-term care facility in Pleasantville that will replace the aging Hoyles-Escasoni complex, and businesses in the White Hills Industrial Park.