Public consultation sessions on the province's workers' compensations program are being held across the province as the system undergoes a review.

Service NL Minister Nick McGrath said the sessions are an opportunity for people to suggest where improvements can be made.

"The whole purpose of the statutory review is to give the general public, workers, employers, and any organizations that are interested, an opportunity to voice their opinion, and let the review commission know where they'd like to see improvements," McGrath said.


Nick McGrath is the minister for Service NL. (CBC)

"The biggest [issue] you hear from employers is the cost in the province of the rates that the employers pay, because, as people know, workers compensation is funded 100 per cent by employers," he said.

"From employees, it's the wait times, I guess, to get their forms and claims processed."

McGrath said the review process will not reach all of the rural communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, but written recommendations are sent in from these communities.

"This is all about the average employee - the everyday person," McGrath said.

"Anyone who works in the province should be covered by workers' compensation, and that's very important that we hear what they think of the commission itself."

The sessions will continue in St. John's in early April.