The radiology review of almost 2,200 patients in central Newfoundland has uncovered a new set of errors that — unlike the errors earlier reported — resulted from radiologists reading the right image, but documenting the wrong information.

Central Health initiated the large-scale review after two radiologists, who no longer work in Newfoundland and Labrador, wrote reports based on the results of older medical tests rather than those of the patients' most recent tests. The health authority called the review after radiologists had looked at the wrong diagnostic image in at least six cases at the James Paton Memorial Hospital in Gander.

But now, less than two weeks into the review, Central Health said new mistakes have emerged. In the latest round of errors, radiologists read the right report, but documented the wrong information on the patient's file.

In one instance, a radiologist indicated in a report that two normal kidneys were noted, when in fact, the image was of only one kidney.

Another case indicated the incorrect size of a kidney stone. The stone was actually nearly 60 per cent larger than the radiologist recorded.

In a third mistake, a radiologist missed a case of pneumonia. However, the case was later caught and the patient was treated.

Central Health said it is common in radiology for additional information or recommendations to emerge when a radiologist reviews the work of a peer.

The health authority said it has contacted the physicians and the patients in connection with the most recent mistakes.

Central Health said there are still nearly 1,500 tests to review before the investigation is complete.