A retiree in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is recycling bottles and cans to help raise money for children around the world to get medical support.

Ed Battcock, 84, started his Cans for Kids charity earlier this year, and people all over town have already contributed their recyclables to help him out.

The money Battcock raises goes to Smile Train, a charity that funds operations for children born with cleft lips.

The organization sends Battcock before and after photos of the children whose surgeries he helped make possible, which he proudly displays in his garage window.

"I have raised $5,500, and I have 22 children that can be operated on," Battcock said.

"I'm hoping, by Christmas I'm going to have 30 kids that can have that operation … by this Christmas. Please, God. That's if I can, if God lets me live that long."

Battcock has gotten assistance from his grandchildren, who have posted the charity online to raise awareness. Strangers soon started dropping off bags of cans and bottles at his garage door.

"People come and drop them off, I don't know who they are, I don't know who to thank," he said.

"It makes me feel like everyone is helping, and that's the kind of a legacy I want to leave when I do go."