Some residents in western Labrador have asked the provincial government to make a change to the flags raised at the Quebec border, but the province has rejected the idea.

Jordan Brown, the president of the Labrador West Heritage Society said not having the Labrador flag at the province's welcome signs has become a bitter topic in the area.

"It's so important to me right now because basically it's a 40-year-old tradition that has yet to be recognized," he said.

Jordan Brown Labrador flag at the border

Jordan Brown says the province should consider replacing the Union Jack with the Labrador flag at the Quebec-Labrador border. (CBC)

Brown said the Labrador flag is something people in the area are proud of, and they want to see it on top of the province's signs where Labrador borders Quebec.

"The Labrador Flag is so a part of our customs and tradition right now that it is actually featured on everything that comes out of Labrador," said Brown.

Brown isn't alone in his quest; the Combined Councils of Labrador is also asking the province to consider the request.

However, Brown said a letter from Labrador Affairs Minister Nick McGrath indicated the province would continue to fly only the provincial flag that "represents the entire province — including Labrador."

Brown wants to know why they can't fly both the Labrador and Newfoundland and Labrador flags, in place of the Union Jack, like they do in Labrador City.

"Everyone knows what the Labrador Flag is, everyone knows it's meaning and everyone has taken this right to their hearts," he said.

Brown said he'll personally continue to fly the flag proudly — while he tries to understand why the province won't.