Researchers find homeless problem in rural N.L.

Preliminary research has confirmed that there are homeless people in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

Preliminary research has confirmed that there are homeless people in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

Exact numbers won't be available until next month when researchers file their report.

The community group carrying out the study said rural people who can't afford housing get no help from municipal or provincial governments.

"We have no shelters, we have nowhere for people to go," said Michelle Walsh of the Clarenville-Bonavista advisory board on homelessness.

Walsh said people aren't living on the street but they don't have a place to call home either.

"They didn't have anywhere to live, and were going from couch to couch and didn't know who to call about finding somewhere to stay," she said.

The research area includes Clarenville, Bonavista, Southern Harbour, Swift Current and Port Blanford.

Both the federal and provincial governments are helping to pay for the $25,000 study.

Walsh said she'll be able to quantify how much homelessness researchers have found next month after the group reports its findings to the provincial government.