A sealer rescued off Newfoundland's southeast coast last week when his boat was too close to an iceberg was pleasantly surprised when he got his vessel back over the weekend.

Glen Newbury, along with his three crew members, were airlifted off the Double N after it got stuck in ice 125 kilometres off Fogo Island on April 16.

Newbury said he was certain the boat was gone for good, but the Canadian Coast Guard spotted it in one piece with its lights still on.

According to Newbury, crew members from two other sealing vessels brought his boat to port over the weekend.

"There's no way to thank them I guess — a special thank you is not enough," said Newbury.

"When they came in it was just a feeling that comes over you. It was almost like winning a jackpot."

Newbury said Colin Weir of Springdale and Keith Penney of Smith's Harbour, took time out of their own sealing hunt to help him out.

The Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax dispatched a Cormorant helicopter to rescue the crew.