Deplorable driving conditions, Barbie goes to the prom, and two cabinet ministers tout the fresh perspective they'll bring to the PC leadership race: they're all part of our latest week in review, with a focus on some of the quotations we collected here at CBC Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Each item below contains links to the specific stories where the quotes appeared. 

Cancer drugs 


Edna Kelly was upset that both the health department and the Canadian Cancer Society turned down her request for help. (CBC)

"I relayed for 13 years [for the Cancer Society]. Where's all that money gone? I mean, the Cancer Society should be there for cancer patients." 

- Edna Kelly, describing her disappointment that she was told to fundraise on her own to pay for medication she needs that is not covered by public insurance. The Cancer Society later responded that it does not have the capacity to pay for individual therapies.

Fresh and new, times 2

"This is a time for a new beginning. It’s a time to set the tone for the future, to bring together the strengths of our party."

- Former health minister Paul Davis, launching his PC leadership campaign on Wednesday.

"The people of this province want something fresh, they want something different, they want a proven leader."

- Former municipal affairs minister Steve Kent, jumping into the leadership race a day later. 

A drive-by pet saving 

Ryan Collins

Ryan Collins' arm was injured as he rescued several pets from a burning home Monday night in St. John's. (CBC)

"I pulled over and I heard them yelling about how their cats were still inside, so myself and the next-door neighbour over here at this house went in and we grabbed the cats — who were less than enthused, I guess, about being held into a hockey bag."

- Ryan Collins, describing how he spotted a house fire while driving on Empire Avenue on Monday. He helped save three cats and two dogs.

The rocky road to Burgeo 

Bad road to Burgeo

The road leading to Burgeo is filled with countless (CBC)

"No one wants to take their $50,000 truck and $30,000 travel trailer and beat the crap out of it to come down and look at a beach."

- Auto-body shop owner Rick Blagdon, describing the deplorable driving conditions on the long, isolated highway to Burgeo.

Friendly, but something's missing

"These people say they spent five years living and studying in the most friendly place on earth, yet when they leave they have no lasting relationships, which is disappointing to hear."

- David Philpott, Memorial University professor and co-author of a new report that found MUN has plenty of work to do to make things better for international students.

Torn down 

"When I see things that we were so involved with to try to better the town … and then you see it just fallen by the wayside, it just tears a piece out of you that this is happening."

- Pat Stamp, on the emotions he felt seeing a gazebo he helped construct in St. Vincent's had been destroyed by the current council. 

Life in plastic, it's fantastic

Alyssa Vincent Paige Downton Pasadena Barbie grads

Alyssa Vincent, left, and Paige Downton showed up to their high school graduation in Pasadena inside homemade Barbie boxes. (Photo courtesy Alyssa Vincent)

"You try to — not out do everyone — but you try to make it memorable, and I think we got that."

- Alyssa Vincent, on how she and fellow Pasadena Academy graduate Paige Downtown went to their grad in hand-made, life-size Barbie boxes.