The man accused of a serious stabbing at a beach party in Renews last Saturday has a history of violence in another province.

According to the Waterloo Region Record, Spencer Jesso was convicted of aggravated assault and robbery in connection with an attack in Kitchener, Ont. in May 2012.

It was reported that Jesso hit a drug dealer in the head with a baseball bat, stealing the dealer's bike, $1,800 worth of methamphetamine, and $35 in cash.

According to the judge in the case, the dealer was lucky he didn't die.

Jesso, 23, is now accused of aggravated assault in this province, as well as uttering threats and breach of probation, in connection with last weekend's incident on the Southern Shore.

The 20-year-old man who Jesso is accused of stabbing remains in hospital with three stab wounds to the chest and a punctured lung.

A bail hearing for Jesso started on Wednesday and will continue in provincial court on Thursday.