This holiday season may be the last spent in some remote communities across Newfoundland and Labrador this holiday season, as the province's boost to promote relocation has more people seriously considering the option.

Little Bay Islands has a population of approximately 70 people, most of them senior citizens.

The population was in the middle of a resettlement vote when the provincial government nearly tripled its relocation amounts in the spring budget, bringing the offering up to $270,000 per household.

The community decided to start the process over again to give people a chance to consider the new offer.

"It's a bit of a slow process, but we knows government's never speedy," said councillor Dennis Budgell. "People got to have patience and wait for whatever happens, happens."

But Budgell said there's no denying that it feels like things are coming to a close for his community.

"It's pretty solemn here right now. Everything we do, it seems to be for the last year," he said.

The last community in the province to opt for relocation was Grand Bruit back in 2010.

According to the Department of Municipal Affairs, at least six interested communities have contacted government about the possibility of relocation.

Round Harbour voted in favour of relocation in 2013, but details have tied up the actual process of moving the residents.

Snook's Harbour, McCallum, Gaultois and William's Harbour have all also been in talks with government.