A family in Happy Valley-Goose Bay that was left struggling after the abrupt closure of a boarding house says they finally have some relief.

Jerry Igloliorte said his brother George Dicker was forced to move in with him after the closure of Newman's Boarding House in April.

Igloliorte said he and his wife had been struggling for months, trying to care for their four children and his brother, who has complex needs.

Since last week, Igloliorte said housing support workers have found Dicker a new place to live.

Workers said after evaluation, the family's need was found the be urgent and there was an opening in a home at the same time of the assessment.

"I had all kinds of calls, I had people going to the house there and getting papers all filled out on behalf of my brother for his condition. I had a lot of supports through many people all through the week, I'm just so overwhelmed for what's happening," he said.

"It's happened so fast. I couldn't ask for anything more, anything better just how it went so fast."

Dicker has been moved into a home with supported living where he will be under supervision.

Igloliorte said he expects he and his brother will still be able to visit one another, just not live together.