North Atlantic Refining said Friday that a shoreline cleanup near Come By Chance has been completed, nearly three weeks after a leak from the refinery there.

The company estimated that 10 barrels of oil leaked from its dock in Newfoundland's Placentia Bay on Jan. 4. 

Since then, the Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC) has been cleaning up beaches around Bordeaux, an area about six kilometres south of Come By Chance.

NARL communications manager Gloria Slade-Warren said nine seabirds were found dead in the area, but most of the birds were not oiled.

She said the dovekeys — or bullbirds — were likely killed by powerful winds.  

She said the cleanup team found no other evidence of harm to wildlife.

The contaminated beach area was flushed and the oil removed by absorbent booms.

Come By Chance cleanup

NARL says "there aren't enough thank-yous" to show how much they appreciated the cleanup crews. (North Atlantic Refining)

"ECRC will commence demobilization from the site this weekend. Follow-up assessments of the impact area will be done collaboratively with government in the coming weeks," North Atlantic said in a news release Friday.

"We are very grateful for the incredibly professional response and eager work ethic demonstrated by the team of more than 40 personnel who worked diligently to clean up the Bordeaux area," said refinery manager Dan Harris.

"We will continue to monitor the area regularly."

The company said it is nearing the end of its investigation into the cause of the oil spill so it can take steps to make sure it won't happen again.

Operations at the Come By Chance refinery were not affected by the spill, or subsequent cleanup.