Newfoundland 'a special place,' Robert Redford says

Step aside, Mindy Kaling — Robert Redford has something to say about Newfoundland now too.
Academy Award winner — and founder of the Sundance Film Festival — Robert Redford praises Newfoundland in his latest Sundance Catalog. (Sundance Catalog/Facebook)

Step aside, Mindy Kaling — Robert Redford has something to say about Newfoundland now too. 

For the second time in a week, an American celebrity with seemingly no connection to Newfoundland and Labrador has offered insight into the province from afar. 

Redford is poetically praising the province's landscape in a message in the Sundance Catalog, which sells clothes and other items in association with the actor's annual Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

His full message reads, "Newfoundland: A landscape not commonly found, where green roofs are abundant and roads less travelled. A special place, with a feeling of new discovery. I've often heard it said by some, that the meaningful connection to a sense of place is lost so, 'I'm heading for Newfoundland.'"

According to Calvin Reeder, Vice President of Retail for Sundance Holdings, Redford writes a message in each edition of the catalogue. 

The site even sells a "Newfoundland sweater coat," and the company travelled to Newfoundland for a photo shoot for the recent edition. 

Reeder said Redford wouldn't have attended the shoot, but "I'm sure he's been to the province."

That's because, according to Reeder, the 79-year-old Academy Award winner likes places without crowds. 

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism approved of the post shared on the company's Facebook page. 

It posted a reply and said, "It's true, Newfoundland & Labrador is a place where you can at the same time feel lost and found."

Last week, Kaling told her 6.2 million Twitter followers that, "You pronounce Newfoundland like 'understand,' according to my friend who just shot a movie there."

This delighted many residents long frustrated by outsiders who often get the word wrong. 

With files from The Canadian Press