Kurtis Coombs, 19, and his mother, Rhonda Chancey, were in N.L. provincial court Oct. 6. ((CBC) )

An N.L. judge ordered a recount of municipal election results for the community of Paradise, again.

Judge Robert Hyslop made his order Tuesday after Incumbent Ralph Wiseman was declared mayor of the community Oct. 1, after a recount.

Wiseman requested a recount after his opponent Kurtis Coombs, 19, won the Sept. 29 election by three votes. The recount found Wiseman and Coombs had tied.

Wiseman was declared the mayor again after his name was drawn from a container that held both his name and Coombs's name.

But Coombs asked a judge to review that decision.

"A judicial recount is a reasonable request and will provide the public with confidence in the election system," said Hyslop.

The judicial recount is scheduled to take place on Oct. 13.