Real estate flyers dumped in woods

A real estate agent wants to know how hundreds of his flyers and business cards — destined for mailboxes — ended up being dumped in a wooded area near Torbay.
This bundle of flyers and ads were recently found in the woods on Middle Three Island Pond Road. (CBC)

A St. John's real estate agent is upset that hundreds of his flyers and business cards didn't arrive in their intended destinations — people's mailboxes — but instead ended up the woods.

Real estate agent Vaughn Underhay wants to know how hundreds of his flyers and business cards did not get delivered by Canada Post. (CBC)

Vaughn Underhay recently discovered that a lot of his correspondence had been dumped in a wooded area of Middle Three Island Pond Road in Torbay.

Underhay uses Canada Post as one way to grow his business, sending out small cards with his professional information and a sold or listed house on them.

He said he was contacted by a woman who discovered the unwrapped packages recently, along with hundreds of other ads and flyers.

Now he wants to know how this could have happened.

"I feel bad because, I mean, most of the people who get these flyers would throw them in the trash or recycle them," said Underhay. "I feel like I just paid for litter. Unless I get a piece of mail from that neighbourhood, I have no idea whether they ever got there. All I know is they got to the postal station and they've taken reponsibility for delivering them."

CBC contacted Canada Post to inform them of the issue. The corporation said they are launching an internal investigation — though Underhay believes this was done by a mail carrier contracted by Canada Post.

Underhay will also be reimbursed, not only for the cost of mailing his material, but also for the cost of producing it, as long as he still has the receipts. The cost could be upwards of $1,000.