An eastern Newfoundland man facing six charges related to a 2010 standoff in Bay Bulls says he was defending himself, and the RCMP used excessive force.

Leo Crockwell, who is representing himself in court in St. John's after parting ways with three lawyers, gave his summation to the jury this morning.

Crockwell asked the jury to understand his actions in light of the fact that in 1998 he had been illegally detained and placed in the Waterford Hospital for four months.

Crockwell said he reacted the way he did in 2010 because he felt the situation was similar to what had happened to him before.

Crockwell said when he asked to see a warrant in Dec. 2010, police didn't tell him if they even had one. When he asked police what the charges were, he was told the matter was still under investigation.

Crown prosecutor Elizabeth Ivany gave her summation Monday afternoon.

Ivany went over the evidence, reminding the jury that Crockwell's sister Catherine testified that Crockwell assaulted her.

Ivany also focused her attention on the night of Dec. 8 when the police tried to enter the back door of the house Crockwell was in, and shots were allegedly fired in their direction.

Judge Richard LeBlanc is expected to give his charge to the jury on Thursday.

After that, the jury will begin its deliberations.