A hastily-called meeting to discuss a new biker club in Gander was held in St. John's on Wednesday.

Gander town officials, the RCMP and the Department of Justice gathered to talk about the new Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Gander.

One Outlaws member, Patrick Bemister, has already been charged with uttering death threats and assaulting two off-duty police officers in a bar. He remains in custody. 

The RCMP has now broken its silence about the fight, and Cpl. Ann Noel is trying to reassure the public. 

"We will ensure the safety of all of our citizens," said Noel.

"If there's anything [that] comes up, or our community feels they are threatened in anyway or feels uncomfortable, we're there to make sure they feel safe."

The RCMP has also stepped up its presence near the new clubhouse, which is located in a Gander strip mall. Their presence has made some residents and business owners in the area nervous.

Police have made arrests and last weekend, put the force's Emergency Response Team on standby in the area. 

They are however, hesitant to discuss details of the fight, and Cpl. Noel said there are a lot of rumours swirling. 

'We will ensure the safety of all of our citizens.' - RCMP Cpl. Ann Noel 

"Well, there's a lot of accusations out there and a lot of things that have to be confirmed, before the RCMP can make a statement on that. We want to ensure that any statement we do take is true and correct."

While the police aren't saying a lot about the bikers or the assaults, they are asking for witnesses who will talk to come forward.

Bemister, 26, will be back in court Friday for a possible bail hearing. On Monday, he turned himself in to police, after a Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued for his arrest.