St. John's councillor Bernard Davis

Newly-elected Ward 4 Coun. Bernard Davis. (CBC)

Newly-elected St. John's councillor Bernard Davis says the key to solving a rat problem in Airport Heights is getting property owners and developers to keep the area clean.

"Residents have to keep their property litter free. Cut their grass as short as they can, [and] ensure that garbage is stored in covered containers."

During last night’s council meeting, Davis said he received numerous calls about the rodents from residents.

Davis also believes property developers have a role to play in keeping rodents out of the area. 

During his campaign, he called on them to become more proactive in preventing rat infestations on land earmarked for development.

“Developers can do more before they begin clearing the land to identify and tackle the issue where existing neighbourhoods are located."

Davis wrote on his website that he was concerned the infestation could become an even bigger problem by spreading to other areas experiencing development such as Kenmount Terrace.

But the issue isn’t a new one.

Former councillor Debbie Hanlon also received ongoing complaints months ago.