Four days after last weekend's freak rainstorm flooded areas of the Burin Peninsula, the cleanup continues – and more rain further complicates efforts. 

Residents that were hit by both Hurricane Igor in 2010 and Saturday's storm are worried that more rain and flooding could devastate them.

Charles Pike of Burin is still repairing the damage outside on his property. The ditch in front of his home filled with water, mud, and rocks, which fell from the hill above. The overflow came within inches of flooding his kitchen.

"Pretty concerning for me because I settled in here, and I don't want to leave," said Pike.

"But if it keeps on this way, and raining, and building up like this, and no one doing anything for me, it's going to be pretty bad for everybody. I might have to move out."

Pike blamed the culverts that are supposed to funnel the water through the property.

He said the culverts are covered in foliage, sticks, and standing muck. He said he hopes the provincial government gets them fixed – and soon – so that he can stop digging and worrying.

"Because the one that's there is collapsed half in... and the other half is filled up with mud. The other night, [it was] blocked off with trees and stumps and one thing and another... and all I had was the overflow that saved the house."

Barry Lee is the operator at Freshwater Pond Park, not far from where Pike lives.

The park was badly hit by Igor three years ago, and Saturday's storm washed out two of the roads.

Lee said he can't call on the government to fix his property, so a lot of his profits go back into keeping his guests dry.

"It costs us a lot of money, and it gives us a lot of work to do," he said.

"We're putting in bigger culverts now, and more culverts, in order to take care of this stuff."

Lee said he believes that climate change is no myth — he's living it.

"In the last three or four years, we've seen a few storms, and the pond gets a lot higher now than it ever used to. Everything is changing, the weather is getting warmer... but the other bad side of that is we're getting lots of rain."