A proposed housing development for Quidi Vidi has some St. John's councillors wondering why the historic village has not been protected by heritage rules.

Resident Joe Squires isn't fond of the plan, which would put new homes on a vacant piece of land.

"Well, boy, I don't think very much of it. I really don't want to see it there," Squires said.

People in the community were opposed to a plan to put three view-obstructing homes in the area 10 years ago, but they were built anyway.

Squires doesn't believe city hall has done much to protect the historic village from new developments.


Deputy Mayor Shannie Duff says she will be recommending Quidi Vidi becomes a heritage zone. CBC

Deputy Mayor Shannie Duff, chair of the city's heritage advisory committee, said there is no way to enforce heritage standards in the area. But she will be trying to change that.

"I am going to be recommending that Quidi Vidi be designated a heritage conservation area," Duff said.

Squires said it's a step that should have been taken years ago.