The 345-metre Queen Mary II, shown here near the Sydney Opera House in Australia, helped a 13-metre boat near Nova Scotia early Sunday. ((Carnival Australia, James Morgan/Associated Press))

A St. Mary's Bay, N.L., man is praising the crew of a massive cruise ship for answering his distress call off the coast of Nova Scotia over the weekend.

T.J. Daley of St. Joseph's was on board his 13-metre power boat when its generator broke down Saturday morning.

In winds of more than 80 km/h, the Santa Lucia issued a mayday call around midnight

The Cunard cruise ship Queen Mary 2 was the first to respond.

Daley said the 345-metre ship provided shelter from the wind.

"Maybe in any other situation it would be a little intimidating, being in the ship we were in, but she came within a quarter mile and it was an incredible feeling to have her there and standing by if something happened," said Daley.

"You know, we were out there for so long with no communications that it was a tremendous feeling to have her there."  

Daley said two Canadian Coast Guard ships arrived a couple of hours later to escort his boat into Yarmouth, N.S.