People trying to join the Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation band say they're getting confusing answers about membership guidelines.

Applicant Kelly Anne Butler said people have been advised to call Aboriginal Affairs if they have any questions, but seem to be getting different answers to the same question when they phone the call centre.

Butler said one particular area that's caused a lot of confusion is where to get declarations notarized. 

"Some agents were telling people that they had to return to Newfoundland ...while others were saying that they could have that sworn any place wherever they happened to be."

Last July, the federal government decided to reassess those who had joined or applied to the band due to the overwhelming interest.

Aboriginal leaders had initially expected about 10,000 people to apply, but roughly 103,000 applications were sent in. As a result, a number of applications were rejected.

Those who had not received a membership were asked to provide more proof of their aboriginal heritage.

Applicants must submit their proof of aboriginal heritage by Monday Feb. 10.