A man charged with being an accessory after the fact to manslaughter after a notorious fatal 2011 shooting in St. John's has been found not guilty.

At Supreme Court in St. John's Friday morning, Justice Donald Burrage said there was "reasonable doubt" about Jonathan Rowe's involvement.

"Very pleased with the verdict. I think the outcome was foreseen from the beginning. This is a prosecution that should never have happened in the first place," said Bob Buckingham, Rowe's lawyer.

"This was the equivalent of a genetically-modified prosecution."

Rowe was alleged to have helped Philip Pynn, who was charged with killing Nick Winsor during a botched robbery at a home on Portugal Cove Road.

In 2014, a jury found Pynn not guilty of murder, but convicted him of manslaughter.

Buckingham said the not guilty decision for Rowe has been a long time coming.

"Mr. Rowe has been under stress and anxiety from the beginning of this. The pressure he has been under has been astronomical. He has had to go through four legal aid lawyers," he said.

During trial, court was told that Winsor and Pynn had gone to the house together. During a struggle in the garage with the owner, a shotgun Winsor had brought went off.

Pynn had pulled the shotgun from Winsor's pants.

Rowe was alleged to have helped Pynn after the shooting.

Three years ago, Rowe told CBC News that all he had done was bring Pynn's lawyer, Averill Baker, to him. 

Another man, Lyndon Butler, was also charged with Winsor's murder. Butler and Pynn were tried together.

Butler was found not guilty. 

With files from Ariana Kelland