Tampa Bay Lightning forward Teddy Purcell says he has something to celebrate when he returns home to St. John's for a visit next week.

He recently signed a two-year, $4.7-million, deal after being in salary talks for the past couple of months.

The talks were close to going to arbitration, something Purcell said he is glad to have avoided.

"We knew all along that something was going to get done, but when was the question," he said.

The team's management had the option to sign a one or two year deal and the choice to go with two years was a good confidence boost for Purcell.

"That was a nice compliment to get from the organization," he said.

The multi-million dollar contract was one of the benefits of last year's successes, he said. The Lightning made it to the semi-finals of last year's Stanley Cup playoffs, losing in seven games to the Boston Bruins.

While he's happy to benefit from the successes of last year, Purcell said he is also looking to improve on last year's performance.

"When you have some success you always want more," he said.

Given the team's recent highlights, Purcell said it's an exciting time to be with the Lightning.

"It's a great fit, and a great place to be."