Thanks to the quick thinking of a young boy and the local fire chief, an eight-month-old dog was rescued from an ice pan in Conne River last weekend.  

On Sunday afternoon the dog was spotted about 200 metres offshore.

The father of the boy who saw the animal knocked on Bob Benoit's door and explained the situation.

"Immediately my concern was that the tide was getting ready to fall, and I thought if we don't get to him soon the tide is going to start to drop and he's going to head out [into] the bay," said Benoit. 

Axel the puppy

Axel's owner, Dwayne Joe, says the pup is doing well after his ice pan ordeal. (Courtesy Dwayne Joe)

​Benoit said he then called some members of his crew, donned a cold water suit and paddled out to the pan on an ice rescue board.

He said the dog was pretty wary about the whole thing.

"When we tried to coax him over to the board, he refused, he wouldn't have anything to do with me or that board. The plan was made then to snag the piece of ice and to drag me, the board, the pan of ice and the pup dog all at the same time."

Benoit said once he secured the rescue board to the pan, the volunteers on the shore would reign in the line.

"The paddle for our rescue board contains a hook on the end of it, so I just drove that down into the ice pan, grabbed hold with both hands and hung on."  

Benoit said the dog, named Axel, is no worse for wear following his ice pan adventure, and is back home with his owner, Dwayne Joe.