While people seem to support the government's plan to implement a province-wide 911 emergency call system, some are torn about who should be left shouldering the cost for the service.

On Tuesday, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Steve Kent said government estimates the cost per line will come in around $1 each month, which he said is standard in other areas across Canada.

However, while people seem to agree the 911 system is necessary, they are split about who should foot the bill for the service.

St. John's resident Susan Power said a province-wide 911 response system makes sense, but people paying a monthly fee for it does not.

Peggy Warren

St. John's resident Peggy Warren says she doesn't mind a new fee to guarantee 911 service across the province, even though she gets the service currently without the fee because she lives in the city. (CBC)

"I think it's a good improvement, definitely, because if you are in an emergency situation you're not always not thinking completely clearly so it makes it more user foolproof instead of having to find what number you have to call," said Power.

"[The fees] that's something the government should absorb and not pass on to taxpayers."

However, some other people in the city think having the assurance of emergency response is well worth a new government fee, even though they already get the service.

"Especially in an emergency, I mean, you're flustered anyway. To be able to find a number for the police or fire department, you know, it adds more stress, so 911, I'm totally for it. I think it's a fantastic idea,” said St. John’s resident Peggy Warren.

“I'm OK with [the cost] too, even in St. John's, because if I'm going to get an emergency service at my door right away after 911, $1 a month, or $5 a month, whatever, it's worth it.”