A man accused of a stabbing in downtown St. John's has been sent to the Waterford Hospital for a psychiatric assessment.

James Rogers, 35, was arrested Friday afternoon, shortly after what police called a random attack on another man near Harbourside Park, off Water Street.

A psychiatrist saw Rogers on the weekend but said he didn't have enough time to give an opinion on the accused man's mental state.

Rogers faces one charge of aggravated assault.  

The 34-year-old victim was stabbed in the neck and lost more than a litre of blood before he flagged down a passing ambulance.

Eyewitnesses said there were three or four people in the park at the time of the incident, and the victim was seen clutching his neck.

He was rushed to hospital around 3 p.m. with what emergency responders said was a 15-centimetre laceration.