A woman who continues to insist that the court system has no authority over her was sent Friday for a psychiatric assessment.

Amy Collins, 36, was brought to provincial court in St. John's after being arrested on a warrant issued when she failed to appear in court earlier this week.

"I reserve all rights," Collins said as she sat in the courtroom, and appeared to refuse to recognize what Judge Pamela Goulding was saying as Goulding read new charges against her.

As Goulding told the court that new charges, including failure to attend court and two breaches of undertakings, were being laid against her, Collins spoke over her.

"Point of order," "I do not consent," and "do not address me as such" were some of the comments that Collins made during a court appearance.

Goulding ordered Collins to undergo a brief psychiatric assessment. She was scheduled to appear in court later Friday afternoon.