A Provincial Airlines Saab 340 may have sustained propeller damage on Wednesday, following a mishap on the runway at Stephenville International Airport. 

Stephen Dinn, vice-president of corporation development said the flight from St. John's to Stephenville went normally, but the problem happened on the ground.

"After the aircraft landed on the runway in Stephenville, the aircraft encountered some drifting snow that was on the runway. This caused the aircraft to go into some heavier snow," Dinn said. 

"There were six passengers on board, and once the pilot brought the aircraft to a full stop, his first priority was to go back and let them know what happened, and what was going to happen from that point. The passengers disembarked from there to a passenger van and [were] brought into the terminal building."

Dinn said initial investigation indicates there may have been prop damage to the aircraft. 

The passengers were rebooked on other flights.