Former Conception Bay South fire chief Richard Murphy says the Newfoundland and Labrador government should be proactive and reinstate the open fire ban on the island, before another fire breaks out.

Last Friday, the province lifted the ban on outdoor fires in and around forested areas throughout Newfoundland.

Murphy, who is now a town councillor in CBS, said there's been just one day of rain  and forests are still dry.

"The amount of precipitation we had certainly did not have any major effect with respect to the dryness in the forests," Murphy told Radio Noon host Cecil Haire on Thursday.

"It's only going to take one incident, whereby a spark gets away from a campfire or a fire pit, and then you're into a major situation, whereby it will eventually cost the province and municipalities hundreds of thousands of dollars to combat such a fire." 

Murphy said helicopters, water bombers and ground crews are expensive, and the provincial government needs to act responsibly to avoid a costly fire.

The open fire ban on the island was put in place on July 21. It included outdoor fires, unauthorized burning including campfires and brush burning, as well as fireworks.

A number of municipalities in the province still have open fire bans in place.