Although the website promises luxurious living in downtown St. John's — two buildings slated to be condos are in the same condition they were two years ago.

The sign on the side of the former Newfoundland Telephone building on Duckworth Street reads 'opening fall 2013.'

The building was supposed to be transformed into a 77-unit condominium by now, however it remains covered in graffiti with smashed-in windows.

Graffiti on side of former Newfoundland Telephone building

The old Newfoundland Telephone building remains covered in graffiti with smashed-in windows. (CBC)

According to the Hardman Group, one of the project's developers, they still need to get a building permit before it goes to tender.

"It's taken quite a while to complete the architectural design work,"  spokesperson Colin Whitcomb said.

It is the same situation across the street — at the former CBC Radio building. 

Whitcomb said that building, which will be known as 'Marconi,' with 50 condos, is closer to construction.

He admits for work to begin, other pieces need to be in place.

"It's not so simple as a number of units - it's a financial number that we have to reach in order for us to get under way in construction. I'm pretty confident we will get there this year."

Whitcomb added that as more time passes, the more money the company loses — but said the project is not threatened.

An adjacent parking garage under construction by the developers, called the Mirador, is slated to open this summer.