A St. John's parent and lawyer is opposing a plan to put a Bell Mobility cellphone tower near her home in the Stavanger Drive neighbourhood in St. John's.

Valerie Hynes is concerned that the transmitter would also be less than 100 metres from her son's daycare centre, and would transmit radiation that could be harmful to children and seniors.

"This location, while it may seem opportune from a business perspective, it is too close to residences and children and children's schools and daycares," Hynes said in an interview.

The tower is proposed to be built on the Hampton Inn and Suites, a newly built hotel near a subdivision, the Outer Ring Road and the Stavanger Drive shopping area.

Hynes said she would prefer that Bell Mobility "choose another location that is perhaps more remote."

The federal government controls where cell towers can be built.

However, last year Bell mobility withdrew an application to build a tower near St. Mary's School in the west end of St. John's, after residents and city councillors spoke out against it.

Hynes acknowledges that she is not an expert in the area, but said the research she has read about cellphone towers has informed her opinion.

"I'm only one person, but I don't think I'm the only person who has this concern and I don't think I'm the only person who has voiced this concern," she said.