More than two dozen motorcyclists were at St. John's City Hall Tuesday night to speak out against a proposed ban on loud motorcycle exhaust systems.

Several city councillors want the province to look into banning the sale of after-market motorcycle exhaust systems. Some of those systems are designed to make a motorcycle louder.

Motorcycle rally organizer Jody Warren wanted to make one thing clear: the group he speaks for is not "pro–noise."

"We understand that there are people out there that are going downtown, cracking their pipes trying to make noise," he said.

"We believe very strongly that they should be ticketed but because there's a few idiots out there, don't try to target motorcyclists across Newfoundland and Labrador."


Motorcycle riders held a rally Sept. 6 to protest a proposed anti-noise bylaw in St. John's. (Zach Goudie/ CBC)

When city councillors came out to speak with people at the rally, biker Debbie Lake told them the proposal to make noisy, after-market changes to motorcycle exhaust systems illegal amounts to discrimination.

"If it's about noise, make it about noise in general. Don't make it about noise from motorcycles," she said.

Both sides want the province to weigh in on the issue.