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  • Thursday October 19, 2017

    Audio Search for Cortney Lake continues

    More than four months after her disappearance, family members are not giving up on the search for Cortney Lake.

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  • Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Audio Hobby horse memories sought

    Any mummers allowed in? An early morning mummer came knocking (or is that snocking?) on our studio door... looking for your help.

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  • Tuesday October 17, 2017

    Audio Tackling obesity

    Guess what? Losing weight may NOT make you feel better. Dr. Farrel Cahill busts that myth... and a few others.

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  • Monday October 16, 2017

    Audio Making learning fun

    Inside the classroom... and inside government's plan to bring play-based learning to schools across the province.

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  • Friday October 13, 2017

    Audio Runner nan

    She's a 79-year-old grandmother... and she can run circles around most of us. Florence Barron will be one of the oldest runners in the Cape to Cabot race this weekend.

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  • Friday October 13, 2017

    Audio Stanley's Steamer disco days

    It's the 40th anniversary of disco in St. John's. To celebrate, we take a trip back to the days when disco reigned supreme... at Stanley's Steamer.

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  • Thursday October 12, 2017

    Audio Albuquerque to Labrador City in a balloon

    A couple of Swiss hot-air balloonists set a world record when they touched down in Lab-West this week.

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  • Wednesday October 11, 2017

    Audio Indigenous tattoos

    Indigenous artist Jerry Evans is working in a new medium - skin - as part of a revival of traditional tattooing.

    Listen 6:49


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