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  • Wednesday January 18, 2017

    Audio Eyesight restoration surgery

    A few months ago, 16-year-old Jakob Dawe went blind. Now, his parents are hopeful an experimental treatment in Dubai will give him his sight back.

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  • Tuesday January 17, 2017

    Audio Christmas cough mystery

    What one St. John's man thought to be a chest infection... turned out to have a somewhat more seasonal explanation.

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  • Monday January 16, 2017

    Audio Seasonal Affective Disorder

    It's more than just the winter blues. A psychologist on how to recognize the signs of SAD... and how to cope with it.

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  • Friday January 13, 2017

    Audio Slip and falls legal responsibility

    Salt your steps or pay the price? How much responsibility do homeowners have if someone slips and falls on their property?

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  • Thursday January 12, 2017

    Audio The Colony of Unrequited Dreams... at the NAC

    It's the story about the most divisive character in Newfoundland and Labrador history. Now, people in the nation's capital will get a glimpse into the world of Joey Smallwood.

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  • Wednesday January 11, 2017

    Audio Cruise ship outlook

    The City of St. John's expects cruise ship traffic to double this year, but a cruise industry expert begs to differ.

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  • Tuesday January 10, 2017

    Audio Rate My Treads

    You can't think on your feet when you're lying on your back. A research lab in Toronto is testing winter boots for traction.

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  • Monday January 09, 2017

    Audio Decluttering

    New year, new you...right? If you need an extra push to get organized, a pro shares tips on how to declutter your life!

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