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  • Friday February 12, 2016

    Audio Minister Responds to School Councils Concerns

    The provincial federation of school councils is upset with the lack of school board elections. Education Minister Dale Kirby was a guest on the Central Morning Show to respond to those concerns.

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  • Friday February 12, 2016

    Audio Valentine's Jewelry Tips

    The jewelry store is a popular spot this time of year. Our Melissa Tobin stopped by a local retailer to get some advice about what bling to buy your Valentine.

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  • Friday February 12, 2016

    Audio Wildlife Office Staffing Concerns Local Group

    The Lewisporte office of the federal wildlife division is unstaffed these days. That has members of the local rod and gun club worried. We spoke to the groups's president about their concerns.

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  • Friday February 12, 2016

    Audio The Meaning of Flowers

    With Valentine's Day upon us, we wanted to find out what message you're really sending when you pick out your Valentine's flowers. Central Morning host Leigh Anne Power spoke to Dejan Kristan, the marketing director of Flowers Canada in Toronto.

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  • Wednesday February 10, 2016

    Audio Students Encourage Energy Saving With Song Parody

    A Grade Three class at Smallwood Academy in Gambo rewrote the lyrics to a popular Taylor Swift tune recently. They are hoping it will help remind people to conserve energy. Our Julia Cook went out and spoke to the kids.

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  • Thursday February 11, 2016

    Audio Wish List Not Allowed

    The provincial school councils association will be attending upcoming government pre-budget consultations, but it has been told to leave their wish list at home. We spoke to association president about it.

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  • Thursday February 11, 2016

    Audio Pioneer of Female Flight

    When Phyllis Penney-Gaul became the first Newfoundland woman to get her license to fly planes in 1947, she didn't know she was a ground breaker. Our Julia Cook spoke to her, and Sandra Seaward of the North Atlantic Aviation Museum.

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  • Wednesday February 10, 2016

    Audio Transportation Department Investigating Accident

    Dump truck operator Dean Snow was lucky to walk away unharmed after his vehicle slipped into the water at the Change Islands ferry dock on Monday night. We spoke to the Minister of Transportation about the incident.

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